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Reduce the Juice usually shares fun stories or what’s going on during the project, but this time it’s serious. There’s a Mega Quarry being proposed in an area near and dear to RTJ’s heart, as it’s just north of Shelburne, RTJ’s birthplace. Here’s the deal on the Quarry. Brace yourself for this.

The Highland Companies, backed by The Baupost Group, a Boston based hedge fund, has made application to excavate a +2,300 acre limestone quarry, 100 km northwest of Toronto, in Melancthon Township.

If approved, this would be the largest quarry in Canadian history, and the second largest in North America.

The quarry, if approved, would irreversibly eradicate Class 1 agricultural land, involve excavation 1.5 times as deep as Niagara Falls and 200 feet below the water table in an area known as The Headwaters, since it the highest point of elevation in Southern Ontario and home to the headwaters and sensitive recharge area of numerous important river systems that provide water resources for approximately 1 million Ontarians.

The proponent intends to manipulate 600 million litres of water daily (equivalent to 25% of all water consumed by Ontarians on a daily basis), in perpetuity.

In short, Canada has never laid witness to the potential for a quarrying excavation and operation of this magnitude.

A large and growing number of Ontario residents and concerned environmental organizations have understandingly become very alarmed that our government could potentially authorize Highlands to proceed with what could prove, in retrospect, to be an environmental disaster.

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So this is a call to action - write some hand-written/emails or phone your local, provincial, even federal MPs. Give Peter Kent (Minister of Natural Resources) a call as well, he likes to chat.
Liberal, Dalton McGuinty
Conservative, Tim Hudak
New Democratic Party Andrea Horwath
Green Party, Mike Schreiner:
Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent:

And please come out to Foodstock on Oct 16th to support the campaign! Get your tickets here:

  1. Deborah Kerr says:

    Which government party is in favor of the Mega Quarry and which party is opposed?
    Thank you for answering

  2. The Green Party of Ontario is definitely opposed! But we need to have an outlined strategy so that we avoid them going in such sensitive regions.

    People should take the opportunity to write letters to Tamara Pomanski @ Room 1405, Whitney Block/Bureau 1405, édifice Whitney Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M7A 1A2 OR

    She is collecting letters for a review of the policies surrounding aggregates. Get them to her by July 17, 5pm!
    Also, look at what Mike had to say:

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