So as you may have already guessed, we folks here at Reduce the Juice are all about conservation and having youth involved in reducing the juice. But it got us thinking – what if we produced some juice too?! The wheels started turning and taa-daa! The idea to create bike generators was born: a human-powered-get-fit-juice-producing-zero-carbon-emission-pedaling machine! Admittedly, we’re not the first ones to attempt such a project, but like always, we approach it with true Reduce the Juice style.

Phase 1:
The eTeam at Waterloo Collegiate Institute (yep, the same team that build the iconic solar-electric vehicle) was presented with another challenge of creating a bicycle that could produce electricity. The students came up with draft designs on how to approach it, made models of the stands the bikes would rest on and went to work on the electrical components. After working out a few kinks that arose throughout the school year, we have one successful generator! Then, the students involved with the summer project packed up the brand new bike and were able to offer pedal-powered snow cones.

Phase 2:
Make 8 more! The students are now in the process of replicating the first model to create an electricity-producing bicycle system that will produce enough energy to power a zero-emission rock concert!

Check out the project pages and photo gallery to see how it’s going…

Photo Gallery