Completed solar-electric 1912 model-T Ford delivery truck in the Oktoberfest parade in Kitchener

RTJ has partnered with Waterloo Collegiate Institute to facilitate the design and build of an alternative fuel vehicle.  This project has since been completed and was an incredible success! Check out the pictures that document the process and the journal entries straight from the students involved.

After approaching WCI with the idea of an anti-idling campaign, RTJ also pitched the idea of an alternative fuel vehicle – designed and built by the students of WCI. Everyone loved the idea because the two projects work so well together! An anti-idling campaign to address what can be done today, and an alternative vehicle to show what technology can help us do in the future! This project would not have been put into motion without the champion teachers at WCI coming together to get the wheel rolling. From the design and auto departments to com. tech and science – everyone is on board!

The students volunteering to be the PR team will be documenting this whole process – from brainstorming to driving. So check back often for updates by your official student informants!

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