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The Shelburne Green Power School Project (GPP) began in 2004 as a collaboration among a community based cooperative called the Power Up Renewable Energy Cooperative (members of which have since separated from PURE to form Reduce the Juice), volunteers from the community and teachers and students at Centre Dufferin District Secondary School (CDDHS) to install a grid connected renewable energy system at the school. The project was intended to catalyze student action and prepare the educational foundation for the Reduce the Juice Community Energy Conservation project. By creating a permanent renewable system at the school and encouraging teachers to use the installation as a practical demonstration in their courses of study, the Shelburne GPP hoped to:

(i) increase the student’s knowledge and skills concerning energy conservation and renewable energy technology

(ii) cultivate youth leaders committed to community action on energy issues

On Earth Day, 2005, the Shelburne GPP achieved its goal and celebrated the first solar and wind powered renewable energy system to be installed at an Ontario high school. The system includes a 500-Watt Photovoltaic solar panel array, a 1 kW wind turbine, 7 kWh of battery storage, an inverter, regulator and other monitoring components. The renewable system is producing power for the high school and is connected to the Ontario power grid through a net meter. Students and teachers at the school assisted in all aspects of the project and are responsible for ongoing maintenance of the system.