Reduce the Juice firmly believes that youth are the future and demonstrates this by placing a big portion of our efforts on working with schools, teachers and students on projects that offer a hands-on learning experience. To date we have focused these projects on leading edge renewable energy generation technology which will contribute to reducing overall greenhouse gas emission from fossil fuel use. The RE systems are built in the schools by the students under the supervision of the teachers and the RTJ team. RTJ continues to work with the schools to ensure the RE systems are integrated into as many classes and across subjects as possible providing a wide range of learning opportunities.

Reduce the Juice has completed 4 school projects to date and are currently working on 2 more. Check out the project pages to see our collection of projects -both past and present!

Waterloo Anti-iding Campaigns 2009
Waterloo Alternative Fuel Vehicle 2008
Orangeville Renewable Energy Trailer 2006
Shelburne Green Power Project 2005
About Small Scale Renewables