Humidity and storm clouds don’t scare us!

The team with the famous Waterloo Mexican sausage man

We’ve had a hot a sticky couple of days and the clouds seem to be growing darker, but it’s held off so far.¬†Fingers crossed! Knock on wood! Yesterday we talked to lots of students in Waterloo’s famous University Plaza. Initially, they thought we were looking for money (something that students never have much of), then when we explained what we were “selling” they thought that because they were students and still lived at home or rented that there wasn’t much more they could do on the energy conservation front. Well, because our student campaigners are energy conservation whizzes now, they were able to find lots of things that fit within a student budget and they had the power to change. I think the mention of the free draw for energy conservation prizes may have swayed them a little too ;)

If you’re out and about today, come visit us in Waterloo Town Square. Just look for the hotdog man in a Mexican sombrero and we’re nearby!

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