This year, Reduce the Juice will running a campaign to increase Green Bin usage across the Waterloo Region! Reduce the Juice is striving to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that occurs due to organic waste being placed into landfills. In the past, we have dealt greatly with carbon dioxide emissions. This year, we have a new target – methane emissions, which has 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. By increasing residential participation in Waterloo Region’s Green Bin program and increasing the purity of the organic waste that is placed in the Green Bin, we will help eliminate several tonnes of greenhouse gases to ensure a cleaner future for residents of Waterloo Region!

Look for us around Waterloo Region, as we will be attending numerous events with our infamous Renewable Energy Trailer, as well as sending our team of budding environmentalists to various neighbourhoods throughout the Region!

Keep checking back for updates and more information in the future!


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