Reduce the Juice Waterloo is our first transportation project and we are excited to start reducing emissions!
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Reduce the Juice is at it again. This time we are developing a transportation project that will encourage people to reduce emissions from personal vehicle use. As you know driving a car creates tonnes of emissions, mainly hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, but most importantly, carbon dioxide which is the main culprit warming our atmosphere. So how are we going to accomplish this terrific feat? Check out our project pages to see what the new Waterloo team is up to.

Congratulations to Ruth Andrews and her family for taking the RTJ pledge and winning the grand prize draw for an RTJ bike! Ruth pledged to leave her vehicle at home one day a week – this is would reduce her personal vehicle emissions by 14% which is equal to 1823 Blue Barrels a year! She also picked more options such as driving the speed limit on the highway, and rolling down her windows instead of using her A/C. All of this adds up to a grand total reduction of 30% and a whopping 3810 Blue Barrels! We hope this bike will help Ruth and her family to Reduce their Juice for cleaner air in Waterloo!