Reduce the Juice is committed to designing and implementing some of the best and most innovative community projects around.

We use the framework of Community-Based Social Marketing to help us create projects that will overcome barriers to change. We ask people to change their behaviour to more sustainable ways of acting in their daily lives. These are generally simple, but effective changes that provide a big positive impact on the environment especially when we all do them.

However, as everyone knows shifting your habits is hard to do. So how do we encourage people to change and support their new sustainable habits? Well, we send young fresh-faced youth to their door asking them to change to help save their future. The kids have a motto “It’s our climate and we’ll change it!” with everyone’s help that is. Hard to refuse really especially when people have their own kids’ lives to consider.

So check out these pages to learn some more about our community projects and how you can get involved even before that fresh-faced kid comes to your door.