2012 Green Bin Initiative Starting Soon!

We’re back in Waterloo Region again folks, and this year we’re asking the residents to pledge to use their green bins! A significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions (in the form of methane) are released into the atmosphere when organic waste is sent to the landfill instead of to the compost facility in Guelph. Ever wonder where all that compost goes after? Well, it’s sold back to local farmers so they can grow more food! Now THAT’S... Read More

PV Solar Panel Project Complete!

On May 22nd, school board officials, project supporters, students and RTJers came out to celebrate the completion of another successful RTJ project !  Read More

NOx Om Nom Nom Nom

Imagine! A road that reduces juice for us! Well, dreams can come true. Check out this article about a concrete that sucks up all that nasty stuff from cars and trucks. It’s always better to reduce juice at the source, but NOx-sucking roads would sure be awesome. Check it out straight from the source here!  Read More


Hey everyone, Reduce the Juice usually shares fun stories or what’s going on during the project, but this time it’s serious. There’s a Mega Quarry being proposed in an area near and dear to RTJ’s heart, as it’s just north of Shelburne, RTJ’s birthplace. Here’s the deal on the Quarry. Brace yourself for this. The Highland Companies, backed by The Baupost Group, a Boston based hedge fund, has made application... Read More

Happy Global Wind Day Everyone!

Bob Dylan said it best and we all know it – the answer my friend, is blowin in the wind. Well, one of the many answers to our energy and climate crisis. And what a beautiful day it is in Southern Ontario to be celebrating such a wonderful resource that’s oh-so renewable! Check out the Global Wind Day website to get all you need to know like what Wind Day is all about, events going on, and some fun wind facts. Enjoy everyone, and we hope... Read More

That’s all folks… for now.

Well, it’s here again. The end of summer and the end of another amazingly successful project. It’s always a bittersweet time, especially this summer. As two of our students go back to school in Waterloo (one back to WCI and the other to the University of Waterloo), the girls are leaving Waterloo completely! Anna is going back to Germany and Val to Montreal. It was amazing having all of them and we’d like to thank them for making... Read More

RTJ Party and Community Challenge Day!

Come one come all! Today we’re celebrating an awesome summer and announcing some preliminary results from the campaign in Waterloo Town Square! I’m not saying anything just yet, but I will say that it’s going to be good. I mean, REALLY good. This thing is going to be so big, that even Waterloo’s Mayor, Brenda Halloran is coming out to say a few words! We’ll have the whole RTJ show there this time too. We’re talking... Read More

Cybersystems launches a new website!

Cybersystems is a HUGE supporter of RTJ. More specifically of the RTJ-WCI partnership around the solar electric vehicle project. It truly couldn’t have happened without all the time and knowledge that Ed from Cybersystems put into this project. Ed has done a fantastic job of documenting the process of the design, build, all the mistakes and lessons learned along the way.  Click here to check out Cybersystem’s site and the photo gallery!... Read More