RTJ is lucky to have so many friends. Over the past few years RTJ has amassed not only a repertoire of great climate change projects and some fantastic insight into building a community of conservation, but we picked up a few friends along the way too.

These people, businesses and agencies have lent us a hand, offered advice, donated some time or products or granted us money to continue our efforts and we would just like a chance to say thanks!

Ontario Trillium Foundation
Funder of the foundation allowing us to not only exist, but thrive 

Tides Canada
Our support team that hides in the background but is ever so important for our existence

Liesje Doldersum of Sprout Advertising
Our talented advertising writer and author of our fabulous tagline!
Robin Bastien and Gregory Richardson
Our energetic and creative web designers 

Gavin Macrae
aka Web Master. He keeps our website running smoothly and magically fixes any web crisises we made have caused.

Jemev Environmental
Jemev co-owner Scott Bryk is not only a strong supporter of RTJ who shares our passion for the environment, but he will be providing training on technology and climate change business for our students 

REEP Green Solutions
Our closest neighbours, literally (Hi Julian!)

Joppa Dessert and Coffee Lounge
Our latest spot for meetings and inspiration
Nancy Frater of Booklore in Orangeville
Who allowed us to partake in bringing David Suzuki to Orangeville
Crewson Insurance Brokers Ltd
Shelburne and Ed Crewson – a staunch supporter of the project who has assisted in many, many ways
Quantum Leap Co.
A group of dedicated renewable energy professionals who have provided RTJ with valuable advice over the years
Power Up Renewable Energy (PURE)
Where RTJ came from and continues to work with
Richard Proctor, Mansfield
The man who thought up our catchy name “reduce the juice”
Canadian Youth Climate Coalition
Another youth climate organization working hard on the same cause as RTJ
Monday Night at the Movies
For including us in their presentation of climate change related movies, “An Inconvenient Truth” and the “11th Hour”
Ontario Energy Association
Recognized our efforts with an award
McMillan Binch Mendelsohn Law Firm
upporters of our project and hosts to our “day in the city” (PDF)
Fasken Martineau
Our legal team who trademarked our name for us
Jennifer Lynes University of Waterloo
The University Professor responsible for so much of our research and growth over the past few years
Canada Composting Inc.
They donate space to us for our head office and storage space
Mono Cliffs Inn
Our “other” office
Andrea Matthews
Our remarkable and meticulous bookkeeper who keeps us on the straight and narrow