Reduce the Juice facilitates the creation of youth led projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our mission is to empower youth to be agents of social change for the environment in their schools and communities. We believe that climate change is one of the largest challenges that the youth of today are going to have to confront and we also believe that with a little help they are capable of tackling it head on in their own communities.

With an archive of completed projects and more underway we hope to be both an inspiration and a resource for other communities to complete their own projects. Please explore our website to learn more about the projects we have completed and those that are underway. If you have any questions about our projects or our experiences or if you are interested in starting a similar initiative in your community please contact us!

Change means the world to us

Since the first project in 2005 Reduce the Juice has established a recognizable brand of youth leadership on environmental issues. Reduce the Juice projects seek to create youth advocates against climate change to motivate communities and deliver measureable results.

Our tagline, “Change means the world to us” says it all. We at RTJ believe in change and we design and deliver projects that offer opportunities for change on a personal or community level. We also believe that youth will be the agents of that change.

Reduce the Juice has recently moved over to become a project of Tides Canada, a charitible NGO that provides innovative philanthropic, financial, and project management services for changemakers – philanthropists, foundations, activists, and civil organizations. It is a welcomed move that offers long-term support and access to resources as well as increases the capacity of RTJ while retaining all of the original values, mission and vision.

The founders of the RTJ organization firmly believe that climate change is an imminent threat to the planet and that the youth of our world will bear the consequences of the decisions we make today. This principle prompted the creation of an organization based on a conviction that youth have a unique ability to motivate their own communities and when given the opportunity they are capable of executing projects to combat climate change.

The goals of Reduce the Juice are:

  • To unite secondary and post secondary students in climate change solution projects to make a difference both in their own communities and across the province.
  • To pilot new projects in the Dufferin, Wellington and Waterloo regions.
  • To develop a website which can act as a reference for other communities wanting to run their own youth climate change projects.
  • To increase public awareness about climate change solutions on a community by community basis in Ontario through a network of Reduce the Juice inspired projects.
  • To lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce the Juice which began as a volunteer organization was awarded a significant grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation that has allowed to us to expand our project beyond our home turf of Dufferin County. The grant has given RTJ the chance to hire a full time staff member whose responsibility it is to plan and develop projects and ensure their successful delivery. RTJ is currently executing a project in Waterloo Region on transportation, energy and water consumption, and waste reduction and their contributions to climate change.

No two communities are the same, therefore, to maximize effectiveness, we hope that new communities can embrace the basic frameworks that we have created thorough our pilot projects and implement them in their communities. Members of the Reduce the Juice team have amassed a great deal of experience and insight with regards to the projects that we have already run and would be thrilled to help other communities implement successful projects. Please contact us if you think that one of our project models would be well suited to help your community.

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