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As we’re out and about this summer, the RTJ crew is offering up free Green Bin liners to those who have pledged to take action and start using their green bin! However, we also know that the liners can be expensive.

Ever wanted to find a cheaper way to wrap up all your organics? Don’t worry! Don’t fear! ORGANICS ORIGAMI is here!  Thanks to a smart cookie at the Region of Waterloo, there’s a way to fold old newspaper that would go into the recycling anyways! (Talk about re-using!) We’ll be uploading a video soon of an RTJer to show you exactly how it’s done. But in the meantime, here are the printed instructions for you to use. Happy Green Binning!





Record_Green Bin Brigade

That’s right folks! We’re all trained on the mean green composting machine known as the Green Bin, so the project has now begun! We had a launch party yesterday in Waterloo Town Square to kick off the campaign. We had some great attendees including our friends at the Region of Waterloo Waste Management Division, media from the Waterloo Record, and even Mayor Brenda Halloran came to say a few words! Check out front page article in the Record announcing the campaign to the Region of Waterloo!

We’re back in Waterloo Region again folks, and this year we’re asking the residents to pledge to use their green bins! A significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions (in the form of methane) are released into the atmosphere when organic waste is sent to the landfill instead of to the compost facility in Guelph. Ever wonder where all that compost goes after? Well, it’s sold back to local farmers so they can grow more food! Now THAT’S efficient recycling!

Check out our 2012 Green Bin Project Page for updates, pictures and events. See you on the doorstep!

Have any questions about what can and cannot go into the green bin? Contact us and we’ll find you an answer!

Solar Panels cropped

On May 22nd, school board officials, project supporters, students and RTJers came out to celebrate the completion of another successful RTJ project !

NOx eating pavement

Imagine! A road that reduces juice for us! Well, dreams can come true. Check out this article about a concrete that sucks up all that nasty stuff from cars and trucks. It’s always better to reduce juice at the source, but NOx-sucking roads would sure be awesome.

Check it out straight from the source here!